FAQ for Red Dots

FAQ & Answers


Thank you for purchasing your new ADE red dot, rated the best budget optics under $100 by many users. Here is a list of FAQ we’ve created to help you to better understand how your red dot works. Installation of ADE red dot sights on the handgun requires to hire a professional gunsmith. Please note. Unprofessional installation such as improper torque will result in screw loose, not holding zero, damage to the firearm/optic and personal injury.


Question: Why don’t I see a perfect round dot? Instead I see a splashed dot, half-moon shape, multi dot, starburst etc.

Answer: It is very likely (99% chance) you have astigmatism that you are not aware. What you see is a small reflex of led light bulb on the lens. One simple and quick way to find out is to use your cellphone to take a photo of the dot at medium brightness setting. If you see a circle dot in the photo you took, you basically diagnosed you have Astigmatism(Because cellphone is a machine does not has astigmatism). Many users decide to continue to use the imperfect dot, or use a bigger MOA red dot such as 6MOA instead 3MOA. Some users also see green dot better than red dot, it really depends on the individual case. Or user can use a totally different optics which is not an reflex sight such as an rifle scope instead.


Question: This sight does not fit my handgun plate/cut

Answer: ADE model RD3-006, RD3-009, RD3-012, RD3-013, RD3-015 are designed to fit the mounting plate made for Vortex venom, burris fastfire, meopta, eotech mrds, docter, insight that REPLACE the rear sight. It does not fit trijicon rmr and shield rms footprint.


RD3-009, RD3-012, and RD3-013 all fit directly on the Pre-cut on the slide on “Optics Ready Pistols” that keeps the rear sight like Glock MOS, Smith Wesson MP C.O.R.E  and Springfield XD OSP.  Those “Optics Ready” handguns all come with several mounting plates marked for different brands of red dots, such as for Trijicon RMR, Shield RMS and Vortex. Our red dots use the pistol manufacturer provided plate marked for Doctor/Vortex Venom type red dot.


RD3-006 also fits the cut slide made to fit Vortex


venom, but may need minor modifications by using a utility knife to trim the lower portion of the plastic housing of the front power switch by 2mm in order to fit the dot.


Fitment on custom made slide for Vortex venom is not guaranteed.


RD3-015 does NOT fit Optics Ready pistols because the overall length is around 30% longer than other micro red dots. It only fits the mounting plate to replace rear sight.


Question: What is the torque to install screws?

Answer: Torque screws to 12 IN/LBS. Please do not over tighten the screws. Using gun glues.


Question: I pressed the power button, but it is not powering on.

Answer: There are many brightness settings. Press and hold the switch for 3 seconds to turn on or off. Quick press will NOT turn on or off the red dot. For models with Up Arrow and Down Arrow, Hold Up Arrow for 3 secs to power on, and hold Down Arrow for 3 secs to power off.


To adjust brightness, quick press to adjust the brightness from low to high. When you first turn it on, it will be at the lowest setting. This setting is invisible to human eyes, it can only be seen through a night vision device. We received quite a few returns because user can’t see it and think it is defective. Please press the switch to cycle through the brightness until you see a bright dot.


Question: I tried to use the allen wrench provided to adjust the elevation and windage screws, dot is not moving.

Answer: There are two LOCKS screws at the rear end. Please loosen the LOCK screws before adjusting the elevation and windage. After adjustments then tighten the LOCK screws again. Without loosening the LOCK screws the elevation and windage screws cannot work and will permanently damage it.


Question: I turned the elevation screw all the way to the end where it can’t turn anymore, but my dot is still too high.

Answer: Some firearms require a red dot shim/riser to rise the red dot a bit. It happens with many red dots. Please go online to search ‘Red Dot Sight Shim’ to purchase one for your red dot. We recommend getting the shim from ADE or “UM Tactical” who is offering the shim for many name brands.


Question: Sometimes the dot powers off after shots, I have to turn it back on manually, and then it powers off again after recoil.

Answer: Depends on the type handgun, an Anti-flickering rubber sealing plate is sometimes needed to put between the handgun mounting plate and the optic to reduce the recoil impact. This rubber plate is also provided by many optics plates.  Shield provides this rubber shim for every rms/rmsc red dot they sell, Burris is also making a large selections of handgun plates, all their plates come with the rubber shim. However, some of the other plate manufacturers do not comes with this recoil reduction shim. Contact ADE support to obtain it for free. We are also including this plate as a standard/included accessory for RD3-006, 009, 012, and 013 re dots starting in Q3 2020.


Question: I cannot attach my red dot to my xxx handgun.

Answer: When you first receive the red dot. It has a picatinny mounting plate pre-assembled. Please use the allen wrench provided to take out the 2 hex screws on the top behind the glass frame. It will disconnect the red dot from the picatinny mounting plate. You will then be able to attach the red dot to a variety of handgun mounting plates that are sold separately. There are many popular handguns on the market, due to the size difference of the handguns, each mounting plate is slightly different in dimensions. There are also many manufacturers making a variety of handgun plates that replace the rear sight, including ADE, Lakeline LLC, EGW, and Outerimpact. The screw comes with our red dot come with a pair of M3x6mm screws to connect to the pre-assembled picatinny mounting base. Some mounting plates made by other companies for specific handgun might need a longer screw such as M3x8mm or shorter screw such as M3x4mm depends on the thickness of the mounting plate/adapter. If you can’t get the screw to work properly, we recommend going to a local hardware store such as ACE Hardware to get the right size.


We are an optic company that cannot provide all screws for handguns on the market because each handgun has different dimensions of the mounting plates, some are made to be optics ready, some need to replace the rear sight. We can name 3 different handguns, they all use three different screws. It is one of the main installation problems that our customer has. The handgun manufacture recommends users to contact the optics company, but we as an optics company do not know the specifications of the plate not made by us. We make the red dot to accept the industrial standard footprint. The pistol manufacturer (or machine shop) makes the plate for the same footprint, but they have their own options to decide which type screws that the plate needs.